Everything happens in circles.
~ John Hartford

Nearly every photography website, blog, and podcast has an article about the importance of personal projects so I’m not going to bore you by restating what has already been said by so many others in much better ways than I ever could. Don’t believe me? Google it. No, it’s OK. I’ll wait. . . See, I told you.

If you really don’t want to read all those others, here is a super short summary. Personal projects are important for growth and self-discovery. Start one today. I guess that wasn’t so bad after all.

My new project is to document interesting circles I find. That’s it. The only rule is it must be found. No mucking about and adding a circle to something just to make it more interesting. I plan to use every photographic medium at my disposal to capture them; DSLR, medium format TLR, iPhone, and who knows what else.

Here are the first four I found. All of these were taken with an iPhone 4 and processed with the Snapseed app.